About us

From the stones, which roll in our way, we can build stairs with some skills.
— Szechenyi Istvan

Our company

Control Group Consulting Kft. was founded with the purpose of utilizing our experiences acquired at multinational and big Hungarian companies. Our main activity is due diligence, reorganization and restructuring.

Our goal is to forward the Hungarian economy and restore and strengthen trust between the parties by stabilizing the companies struggling with financial and economic difficulties.

We have a powerful team of professionals for the pursuit of our goals. Our rules are honest and ethical conduct, as well as professoinal knowledge and humility.

Our team

Tamas Szabo, founding partner with 11 years of experience at Raiffeisen Group, experienced in sales and corporate financing and leasing in divers sectorsspecialized in sales.

Botond Weores, CFA, senior consultant, formerly worked at Deloitte financial advisary department, experienced in business valuation, due diligence, business modelling, M&A and transaction structuring.

Karoly Marton, senior consultant, previously worked 7 years at Deloitte's financial advisary department as transactional consultant, experienced in business valuation and due diligence.

Peter Szobonya, senior consultant, worked more than 10 years at Hungarian banks in corporate financing, experienced in venture capital financing and investment, sales and financial and risk management.